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One Breath

One breath : A
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One breath : B
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One breath : C
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One breath : D
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One breath : E
00:00 / 05:35
One breath : F
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One breath : G
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A breath serves two purposes for human beings: to provide air and to voice.

Breathing allows us to live; and through shouting, talking, singing, cursing and moaning, we declare our existence.

The artist invited several people to take a breath as deep as they can, and to make a sound they were most accustomed to while exhaling the breath until there was no air left in their lungs.

In the process, the artist realized that it took a shorter time than people would have imagined using up the breath, so short that it made people feel fragile and full of cracks and undulation that were not easily noticed.

The “breathing”and “expression”that we seem to be most assured of are, in fact, almost uncontrollable and filled with uncertainties. 

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