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Boney Look






Boney Look

This series of still life is mainly by a direct ethical motivation, I placed the bones I eat leftover and other objects which from my life experiences, expressing my feelings, respect of life (for both meanings) and finally present the weird beauty of form and power.

As the body parts that remain the longest, bones have become a dual metaphor: life and death. This quality brings bones a distinctive aesthetic value, When I put together all the bones from the food I have had in past half year, the scene raises a question.

I attempt to make it a reminder of my own life and bring life back to its proper gravity.

Back to the photos, I hope to present the flat vision, without any emotion, through the control of depth and level, eliminating the romantic of still life, and only retained the simple form of the objects.

In this case, audience can freely move their focus in any points of picture, and connect with any single objects in the picture with their own experience, and further projecting the feeling and resonance of their own life experience.

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