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In the winter of  2017, I entered the desert for the first time. In the desert below zero, I climbed over a sand hill. When I crossed the ridge, I saw the desert in the shade. It was barren and cold. She did not care about your arrival or departure. Back on the asphalt pavement, looking back at the desert behind me, I cried.


Until today, I still don't understand how the crying came into me. Its existence transcends my understanding, with a barbaric and noble character. My existence is ruled out by nature. Nature is absolutely unfamiliar at the moment. Crying was only my instinctive reaction at that time, so I started filming this feeling.

People always try to find a kind of harmony in nature, and constantly discover the "landscape". In the "landscape", nature can be domesticated, captured and familiar by the human mind. It is more like a kind of The self- grasp of human beings, the grasp of all things by people is the grasp of oneself.

But I found the natural "anti-landscape" side, which refused to become a landscape and therefore rejected people.

For people, It is absolutely different and strange. No matter what kind of appearance it has, no one can place himself in it. The barbaric nature is human nihility, integrity, chaos, indifference, neither good intentions nor evil. It just exists, it is not symbolized.

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